The Heart of Discipline : Carmen Y. ReyesThe Heart of Discipline : For Parents: Understanding and Delivering Feedback, Criticism, and Corrections that Teach Positive Behavior

The topic of this innovative guide is simple yet powerful: what adults say to children (the words we use) influences the way children behave. Feedback and criticism that convey high and positive expectations influence positive performance, but feedback and criticism that constantly remind children of inadequate performance and negative behavior reinforce the same low performance and behavior problems we wanted to extinguish in the first place. With more supportive and constructive language, parents and caregivers can make a huge difference in the way children behave; this is how influential our words and messages to children are. Therefore, if we want to change children’s negative behavior and low compliance, a good way to start would be to monitor, and if necessary change, the messages sent to them.

“The Heart of Disciplining: Understanding and Delivering Feedback, Criticism, and Corrections that Teach Positive Behavior-For Parents” by Carmen Y. Reyes, The Psycho-Educational Teacher, explains these three corrective acts in detail, presenting ways in which caregivers can use enhanced language to inspire children to be the best they can be. Parents and caregivers looking for language-based and interactional approaches to discipline, popularly known as child guidance, will find plenty of advice and in-depth techniques here.

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