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Final Goodbyes : Signe Christensen Final Goodbyes
Sophie Weeks is trying to come to terms with the horrifying murders of her brother and his family.
In an attempt to find closure Sophie moves in to her brother’s old home.
Little did she expect the nightly horrors she is about to encounter.
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The Delectable Habit of Losing Weight : Haylyn Quill The Delectable Habit of Losing Weight
Successful thoughts spur successful actions. To play on Napoleon who said it best: What the mind conceives, the body achieves.
If you want to be successful in your weight ...
Rugby and Revival : Rhys Stenner Rugby and Revival
A true story of hope in Wales.
Rhys Stenner discovers in this true story that his grandfather has been a well known rugby player playing fly half for Wales. A new found faith leads to remarkable friendships within the valleys of Wales, with a sense of revival ...
The Old Man And The King : Joe Corso The Old Man And The King
Royal protocol dictated that the King exit the car last, but as the important man was about to emerge, a hail of gunfire erupted, spraying the royal Hummer.
“The Talvanian King watched in shock as, one by one, his car’s occupants fell limp to ...