Every ChildEvery Child

A Love Story

Every Child is a fascinating account of endurance, struggle, romance and love lost, existing after seventy-two years of contemplation. It is written from the memories of the author—Ruby Diana—who became Ward of the State as an infant and placed in Foster Care. She remained in the state system until she turned eighteen.

Every US State, every Social Worker, every Child Care provider, every parent, should find Every Child not only fascinating, but used as a guideline for caring for all children who do not have a voice.

Every child must, and should be protected at all times. Divorce or separation can no longer be an excuse for not loving, caring and providing for a child. Parents’ have an obligation to support, love, and genuinely care for the children they produce. When they cannot do this, then their children have the right to be adopted after a certain amount of time passes; not sent from foster home to foster home.

Keep your tissues nearby because this is also an engaging Love Story. EVERY CHILD keeps the reader wanting to know what happens to this child along the way.

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