Our Bold Path To Prosperity : Joyce DiLorenzoOur Bold Path To Prosperity

I was born Linda Joyce de Ruyter on January 29, 1951, in Java’s capital city of Surabaya, once the largest city in the Dutch East Indies.

Throughout my life, I shared my heart and soul with my younger sister; Ellen. From the day she took her first breath, we were kindred spirits.

Despite the miles that divided us as adults, our hearts remained inseparable.

This is the compelling true story of my life as a refugee immigrant child from Indonesia to Holland; a tiny country on the continent of Europe and ultimately to the United States; a world power country on the continent of North America.

It is the story of our search for a better life, as told by my loving mother and grandmother while I was growing up and as I remember living it with my younger sister.

Although the dates sometimes may not be historically accurate, the experiences are true and consequently, the deep emotion with which I composed these chapters was genuine and gut wrenchingly heartfelt.

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