Silki, the Girl of Many ScarvesSilki, the Girl of Many Scarves – Summer Of The Ancient

SILKI, A YOUNG NAVAJO GIRL, thought she’d made up Wol-la-chee, the Ancient Ant Man, on one of her horseback rides with her best friend Birdie. When Wol-la-chee shrieks into her life one summer day on Concho Mountain, Silki’s world turns upside down. With her family pushing her toward more responsibility and respect for her heritage, how can Silki find the time to solve this new and frightening mystery? And if Birdie thinks Silki has gotten her real and unreal mixed up, will that push the two girls apart or bring them back together?

Woven with Navajo language, tradition, and lore, Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT is the first book in a series of one girl’s adventures in the American Southwest.

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