i am hate : Lee Goldgroundi am hate

Self-help meets self-hell in this  hyperactive, new, Scottish mis-fable.  What happens when a mind that doesn’t know right from wrong is accidentally re-programmed for total success?

An ultra-tragedy that straps you inside the collapsing head of trauma-teen, Maxi h8r Muir, as he overdoses on a motivational CD stolen from his social worker’s car. A life not worth living is increasingly hypnotised and trapped inside the worst number-one goal in the universe. But why is the universe threatened by an 8-gear God-car, a bypass that won’t behave, and a spine?

A heart and mind melted by hallucinations, the blind promises of personal development and an epic quest for a very wrong father (dis)figure that starts in a small Scottish town and grows to infect the entire universe.

A brittle, contemporary narrative  of selfies, self-hate, and the impossibility of redemption.  A continually flipped coin of sick-grins and emotional devastation.

What beta readers are saying:

‘The rhythm of the prose is a stunning life-jacket for the sinking brutality and tragedy of the story.’

‘Relentless rudeness to be read aloud!’


‘Ultra-sharp sound of self-help bubble burst on the thistle of self-hate.’

‘…tragi-comic demented snapshot of psychiatry’s unspoken disasters and the goal-greed of the guru’s relentless need to succeed.’

‘An undecorated exhibition of the torments only a family can create. A hallucinatory battle of nature versus nurture.’

‘I’ve never read a book where I wanted to hurt and help the main character so equally and so completely. He will drive you mad, then make you say thank you for the beauty of madness.’

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