What's the book BUZZ on Whizbuzz Books

What does The BUZZ page do?

The BUZZ page collects social media book postings made by Whizbuzz Books on its primary social media and RSS accounts. New entries are added to the page within about an hour of posting.

If you have a book listed on Whizbuzz, you can search for your book’s recent social media postings by using the search box. Enter either your author name or book title.

Be patient though, as it can take a little while to complete the search because the page needs to make calls to all of our primary social media accounts to retrieve the data. Note that RSS feeds for new books only stay listed for a few days.

Book posts on the BUZZ page are in time and date order, but this order can change depending on the speed of the response to the page calls from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so please wait a few seconds for the page to be updated as you scroll down.

If you wish, you can scroll back through days or weeks of our social media postings.

Our primary social media accounts featuring on The BUZZ Page

RSS : New book posts.

Twitter : @whizbuzz

Facebook : The Whizbuzz Facebook Page

Pinterest : Whizbuzz Pinterest postings.

Our secondary Twitter accounts, which do not appear on The Buzz page

Our other accounts that are posting books from Whizbuzz Books including @Justpublishing   ,@Derek_Haines   , @Vampireagatha  ,@Reader_Writer   ,@Indie_Elf    , @Febthe5th   and @Vampireagatha  are not added to the BUZZ page due to technical limits, page speed and duplication.

However, Whizbuzz book posts on these accounts can be found by using Twitter Advanced Search. Select the Twitter account you wish to search and enter it in the “From these accounts” field, and then enter your book title into the “All of these words” field.

Keeping track

By visiting the BUZZ page regularly, you can keep track of your book’s primary promotional posts by Whizbuzz Books on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.