Becoming Samantha Colt : Ken CressmanBecoming Samantha Colt

Samantha Colt and David Larkin have been colleagues, partners and friends for many years. They have had adventures all over the world and have seen people they cared about killed in the line of duty. Retired now, they use their considerable skills to help people in trouble and do favors for those who need it.

But before that, the woman who would become known as Samantha Colt was a nameless, homeless girl growing up on the streets of Baltimore. From a painfully young age she had to learn to take care of herself, to feed and clothe herself, and to defend herself from those who would do her harm. When she’s arrested for shoplifting as a teenager she comes to the attention of a mysterious organization, where she meets Larkin, and everything changes. He becomes her teacher, her mentor, her partner and eventually her best friend.

This is the fourth book in the exciting Larkin and Colt adventure series, this time told from her perspective. It’s the story of how they met, how she was trained, and how they became the formidable team their fans have come to know. This is her story, from her point of view, in her own words, as she learns who she is, what she can do and who she can become.

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