A Knucklehead in 1920s Alaska : Norma HussA Knucklehead in 1920s Alaska

Nineteen-year-old Bill Collins travels to Alaska in the 1920s to work and save for college. He finds adventure, misadventure, and not much money. His temper gets him into scrapes and out of jobs. He faces hardships, finds friends, and has experiences that change a boy into a man.

During three summers and one winter, Bill survives hunger, earthquake, stomping caribou, and icicle frost. He learns about stopes, sluice boxes, and powder smoke. He finds friends, one who faces a bear for him, and enemies eager to knife him or smash his hand with a twenty-pound sledge. He has one lucky day and more than a few really bad days.

This is the story of one hot-headed young man determined to earn his own way, but in his own words, a true knucklehead.

“It’s a must read book for readers who are interested in history, adventure, the northern “Wild West”, memoirs or just a plain good story.”

“His story of how he and his buddy wire up a hotel in Alaska so it’ll have a 25V bulb in every room, is hysterical.”

“The author goes into great detail, which gives the reader a true picture of what life was like in the wilderness of Alaska.”

“It’s appropriate for the general reader. Truly a historic and informative piece.”

Quotes from five star reviews.

A bonus short mystery is included—Yesterday’s News.

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